We are excited to offer two catering options! You can order our Chef Picks “a la carte” off our regular menu for $12 each or customize your spread using the menu below for $15 per person. Contact us using the form below, along with your catering details, and leave the rest to us.

Fresh & healthy flavors at your next event


How many guests?

We are excited to offer catering to groups of 10 or more for $15 per person! Our menu will feed 10 people comfortably, but feel free to add more to your order in increments of 5 guests. If you are catering for 25 guests or more, please send us a notice 24 hours in advance.


Customize your order.

Every catering order comes with:

  • 3 bases

  • 2 dressings

  • 3 vegetables, warm or chilled

  • 1 main

  • 1 spread


Feeling hungry?

Add additional items to your order:

  • Veggies: $2 each, per person

  • Mains: $3 each, per person

  • Dressings: $2 each, per person

  • Spreads: $2 each, per person


Add desserts & beverages.


  • Spindrift Sparkling Water: $2.25 each

  • Deer Park Bottled Water: $2.25 each

  • Harney & Sons Iced Tea: $2.95 each

  • La Colombe Cans: $2.75 each



  • Chocolate Brownies: $3 each

  • Chewy Marshmallow Bars: $3 each


Delivery, payment & cancellation

We’re happy to offer delivery within a 1-mile radius for a $20 fee.

We do ask that all orders are paid for in advance, and we will refund all orders cancelled within 48 hours of delivery.

$15 per person for 10+ guests


Tri-Color Quinoa

Baby Arugula

Super Green Mix




Basil Marinated Tomatoes

Cucumbers with Fresh Mint

Broccoli with Chiles & Garlic

White Beans with Sage

Spicy Chickpeas with Calabrian Chile

Marinated Mushrooms with Thyme 


Roasted Cauliflower with Rosemary

Charred Brussels Sprouts

Butternut Squash with Sage

Rosemary-Truffle Roasted Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes "Cacio e Pepe"

Tender Carrots with Honey & Pepper




Grilled Chicken with Lemon & Garlic

Tuscan Braised Beef with Mushrooms & Onions

Mimi's Meatballs with Tomato & Basil Sauce

Grilled Eggplant Parm

Salmon with Fresh Herbs & Lemon

Tofu with Tomato, Black Olives & Capers



Spicy Calabrian Chile Purée

White Bean Hummus

Spinach & Artichoke Dip

Spicy Whipped Ricotta

Disposable bowls, napkins & utensils are included in the price.

Contact us below or email us directly at catering@craveprima.com.
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