At Prima, we embrace the Italian tradition that great food is at the heart of everything—that “eating better” is central to everyday life. We know that Italians live on so much more than pizza and pasta, and we started Prima with the notion that by offering the very best of a healthy Mediterranean diet, we could help people eat better without sacrificing flavor.

We were taught by our Nonnas and Mimis that Italian cooking is about 2 things: simplicity and respect for the ingredients—to let the natural beauty shine, add a little touch of technique, and a whole lot of love.

Our menu is built on our experiences in Italy, where we’re constantly exploring, tasting, learning, and then recreating the most beautiful and inspired dishes that represent this beloved cuisine. In our travels, we’ve learned that everyone wants to “eat better.” Let’s stop trying to make perfect choices, and instead, just make better ones. Let’s make every day count, let's enjoy more—that includes eating food that is more satisfying and delicious, not just better for us.

To us, “Eat Better” means the ability to savor Mediterranean-inspired, great-tasting meals that are 100% gluten free. It's having access to food that is crave-worthy and packed with flavor—that actually makes you feel good after eating.

Let's eat better, together. 

Chef Michael Schlow and the Prima team

Eat Better

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